A Little Update

Hello y'all! It's officially Fall and today makes a little over two months since taking a major break from all social media. I am still taking a break, but wanted to give a small update on our family and how things have been the last few months.

I would like to start off by saying that we had a huge surprise at the end of July! I went to my routine checkup at my OB and was getting ready to officially set up my tubal ligation when I found out that WE ARE EXPECTING our 4th child around March 16th, 2019. It was a huge shock and I am still partially in disbelief. We have had one ultrasound and it was still a tiny little jelly bean at that point, but I will be getting another one at my next appointment here next week and we should be able to find out the gender around that time as well! I am super excited to find out and hoping we are joining Team Boy once more. So far, all of my symptoms have been lead towards a boy and hoping they are right for the fourth time! They've never steered me wrong and I'll be in utter shock if they are! LOL. However, Jordan loves his girls and wants to join Team Pink. He says boys are too mommified. Haha! We shall see!

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So since that is out, the second newest adjustment is that Addison's dad and I finally agreed upon Joint Custody. We officially signed the papers last week and Addie just got back today actually from her first week. It went well so that is all I wanted. I am so thrilled that she is happy and finding that balance between us both. It has definitely been an emotional rollercoaster, but I am behind her 100% on what she wants. I really couldn't ask for more. Kids come first always and forever.

Now, our most recent news is that Jordan is looking into joining the Military. He's been bouncing back and forth with jobs since he got laid off of his job last year and it's been so hectic and he seem to find a job locally that fits our needs and expectations. So, the Military is something we both have wanted, but haven't ever went forth with anything. After a lot of long talks and sleepless nights, I think it's the best option for our family long term. It's his way to find the career he's always wanted and something he can be happy doing. It really makes me proud of him in so many ways. We are not sure at the timeframe considering Norah's birthdays and the holidays are right here amongst us, but it's definitely something that will go underway very soon. Until then, he is staying at his current job and taking things day by day.

So, to say the least, these last few months have been super stressful, but rewarding all at once. Things definitely take time and nothing happens overnight. We just have to realize that today is a new day and that we can't change what happened yesterday. We have to let go of the grudges of the past to move forward and that is exactly what we are doing. I can't say that we might not have more exciting news really soon, but I'll save that for another day. ;) I hope everyone out there hopes that I haven't vanished and I will get back to posting some updated photos of my trio real soon.

Much love,


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