20 W E E K S !

It’s so crazy to think that we’re officially HALFWAY through our fourth and last pregnancy FOREVER! This is truly emotional for me to say the least. I’m a little sad that I won’t be able to ever feel a baby on the inside again, but at the same time, I’m ready to raise my children and be able to focus on them without being pregnant.

This fourth pregnancy has really taken a toll on me. While my body seems to be handling it fine, I was told at my last appointment that I have an Anterior Placenta? I mean I’ve googled and done my share of searches and while it’s nothing to worry about, it’s causing me to stay uncomfortable. I’m feeling pain that I haven’t ever felt before in my abdomen and it’s way different than round ligament pain or “stretching” as some people call it. This is something that feels like baby is moving around maybe, but at the same time hurts to the point of where I have to take a seat or lay down. Which is why I feel like it could potentially be related to my AP. I definitely plan on asking more questions at my next appointment. 

So far though, so good. I have gained a pound maybe? I’m currently wearing size 3 jeans, haven’t actually had to break out maternity ones yet. And last week from the front, unless you knew, you couldn’t even tell I was pregnant. I was still at that awkward — “is she chunky or pregnant” stage, but HOLY COW y’all this week this cutie is making his or herself noticed! I haven’t had any major side effects though, no vomiting, not really tired, no major food aversions. I really don’t crave much either. It’s been so random, like - Swedish Fish candies, Candy Corn, Nerds, Cookie Brownie from Dominos, Chicken Nuggets from Burger King (SO UNHEALTHY, I know) and fountain Coca Colas are the best to me right now. It’s all unhealthy really. I don’t think I’ve craved a single healthy thing, yet. 😬 I am anxiously awaiting EggNog season though! CANNOT WAIT. Stalking the shelves at every store until I eventually find it. LOL

Well, next week is my appointment and we will be announcing our name choices and gender VERY soon, so get ready. We are so excited to share with everyone. So so thankful to have this chance to be a momma again. God has blessed me so much. Sometimes I just look around and know that I was made to be a momma. God made this life with all of these adorable littles, all for me. And my heart just swells with joy. They truly make this life the best life. And even better, I’m so lucky to have J by my side to enjoy this chapter of our lives together — raising our littles to be the best humans possible. 

PS here’s my ultimate fave from last week {19 weeks} 

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