It’s October Y’ALL!

It’s October!!!

One of my most favorite months of the year. A time for flannels, scarves, pumpkin patches, boots and lets not forget the best thing in world — PUMPKIN SPICE LATTES
are here for a sad, but limited time. During this season, that’s all I want. Pumpkin Spice is LIFE. Yes, basic white girl here. But it’s SOOO good. And I know I’m in the minority in my household, but everything is pumpkin this time of year. Including my house. LOL

So, to kick off the month of October, I have decked out my whole house in pumpkins and spooky things. Today, we took the kiddos and bought them some quick Halloween PJs at Walmart. And I hate Walmart. So maybe you’ll understand my need for all things Halloween. Hahaha I just can’t get enough. Addie is with her dad this week, so I didn’t get her any yet, but when she gets home next week, you bet she will have some, too! 

Here’s a few quick snaps shots I captured thus far: 

Aren’t they the cutest? I might be a LITTLE bias, but seriously. 

OH and one of my favorite things that happened this week was this — 

I entered a giveaway on Facebook a few weeks ago and had no idea I had even won anything, until a friend tagged me and told me. ALMOST A WEEK LATER. Lol! But I contacted the sweet lady and she let me come pick it up and I swear it is made SO well and SO freaking cute! She feared it towards Fall and Thanksgiving, but I think it could be yearound decor if put in the right spot. I just love it! It’s the one of the first things I’ve ever won on a Facebook giveaway, and probably the best thing I could’ve won! Here’s Holly’s shop: Hollywood In Knoxville . She also has an ETSY account and FB page {on her website} to order from! 

To say the least, October has been filled with so much greatness. I can’t wait to see what the rest of the month holds. It’s had a great start and hopefully a great ending. 

Happy October! 🍂🍁

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