Pumpkin Scents are LIFE

Last week, I went on a hunt— a MAJOR hunt for new pumpkin scented wax melts. I looked just about everywhere I could think of when I stumbled upon a little ETSY shop called Simply Made Candles. They had so many new Fall scents to choose from! They even sold these adorable mason jar candles and then of course, my favorite wax melts. They use natural soy wax, cotton wicks, phthalate-free fragrance oils and all of their products are vegan friendly and contain no added dyes or chemicals. WHICH IS AWESOME! All for an affordable price, too! I’m not a huge candle fan anymore since having kiddos {who like to mess with the fire}, SO we use wax melts instead. It’s just a safer alternative and I keep it put up high so nobody gets hurt.

Well, today I received my order and y’all, this scent is amazing. I got these Pumpkin Pancake scented wax melts and they are heavenly!! They literally smell like warm, pumpkin spiced pancakes topped with butter and yummy maple syrup. They are my FAVE new fall scent and yes, I will definitely be purchasing a lot more of these and other scents to get me through this holiday season! I AM IN LOVE!  

Order yours here! They ship super quick and as I mentioned  above, VERY affordable and addicting! LOL

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