Baby #4 is a...

We are so excited to finally be able to announce that Baby #4 is a very happy, healthy and bouncing little GIRL! <3

If you follow me on social media, you should know that by now that I feel like I have this intuition when I'm pregnant and have always been able to guess my babies gender WAY before actually finding out. 

Well, today was a shocker for me and a first honestly, because from the time I found out I was pregnant, it just felt like a boy pregnancy. From the not being sick to the same stuff I had craved with my son, Carson. And not to mention, the low heart rate. Both of my girls had very high heart rates and I stayed sick from the moment it implanted. So, today, was very mindblowing for me to say the least. However, I am honestly VERY excited to be welcoming another little girl into our family. Another little future Lilly lover, monogram wearin', big bow fanatic, sassy little girl. 

So today Jordan wasn't able to make it to the ultrasound appointment, so I took a friend with me instead. And y'all, he was seriously OVER THE MOON excited when I told him we were having another little girl. He swears that our girls love him more than Carson, which is NOT true, but let's face it, Carson is a straight up mommas boy and ain't nobody changing that! LOL

I was honestly a little relieved when the tech said girl because even as much as I had anticipated another little boy and as much as Carson craved a brother, a part of me wasn't ready to share myself with another little boy. And call me selfish, crazy, whatever, but it's the truth. Carson and I have a different relationship than I do with the girls. And he's just different, he's my baby boy. He comes to me before anyone else and still craves my attention more than any of them do. He's a mommas boy and I love every second of it because one day I know he will break my heart into a million pieces when he doesn't want me to hold him or kiss him goodnight or tell me every little secret. And that's okay, because I know he has to grow up, but let me just cherish him a little longer. 

Now, let's get of this sappy stuff before I mess up my mascara anymore. Haha. So I'm sure there's also something else you might have noticed about our gender announcement... it included her name! Baby #4 will be Everlee Jane. No, it doesn't have any specific meaning. We just loved it and that's it. We cannot wait to meet her come March 2019! In the meantime, let's get back to buying more bows and tons of cute clothes! I am so excited to finally be able to have two of the same gender kids in similar clothes sizes (for sister sets, of course). Norah and Everlee will be exactly 18 months apart and I will twin them at least 4 times a month LOL. So excited y'all! 

Here's another sneak peak of our little cutie-- 


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