Everlee’s Labor | Birth Story & Updates!

I just wanted to pop in {while I had the chance} and share Everlee’s birth story and everything that led up to her arrival. Life has been so crazy, yet so beautiful, since becoming a family of six. Our lives are so busy now and honestly, I’m so exhausted that I can barely keep my eyes open half of the time. Ha! Jordan went back to work this past week and it’s been a lot to handle. BUT it is getting easier and feeling more normal everyday. I think right now, the hardest part has been trying to recover while  having an 18 month old AND a newborn, plus other kids. I’ve never had my kids this close in age before, so this has definitely been a new experience, but as I said above it gets easier everyday and y’all, it’s so so so worth it. Watching these sweet kiddos interact with our newest little babe is probably the sweetest thing ever. It just melts my heart. Addison and Carson both have been a godsend with her and loves to rock and hold her. And even though, Norah has her jealous moments — she’s still learning and beginning to love on her a little more each day. I think the easiest part of the day is our nighttime routine and funny enough, that’s the one thing I worried so much about. Norah won’t let anyone get her to sleep, but me, and with exclusively nursing Everlee I worried I wouldn’t be able to. Well, mommas lap might be full, but it’s never too full! I’ve been successfully getting both Norah and Everlee to sleep at the same time each night. It’s been a blessing, really. I feel it’s their bonding time.

Now, onto the birth story of our newest + sweetest little babe. So, I went to my 39 week checkup on March 11th. I was still 3cm dilated and 80% effaced. My doctor was on vacation that week, so either I was praying Baby E would hold out and wait until the 18th (when he was back in office) OR try and get an induction scheduled with my second favorite doctor. So she told me everyone that was on call that week and it just so happened that the doctor I absolutely hated was on call Wednesday throughout Friday. And she didn’t think I would hold out until the 18th. SO last minute, I scheduled the induction for the very next morning on Tuesday, March 12th at 7am. I was already a nervous wreck, but that totally made me even more nervous. Knowing that in 24 hours or less I’d be holding our new baby girl. Upon walking out of the appointment, I called everyone and told them. Managed to get some last minute shopping done, pack our bags and thankfully for Jordan doing everything else to make my life that much easier. It was so hard and emotional for me to send Carson and Norah away for the night. It absolutely broke my heart into a million pieces. Carson wasn’t understanding why Addie couldn’t go with him {she was going to be with me during labor|delivery} and it was just an emotional night all around. I absolutely hate seeing my kids cry for me. 

We had planned to wake up super early on the morning of the induction so we could eat a good breakfast and shower and get ready without having to race to the hospital, BUT I guess my pregnancy brain had other plans. Y’all, we almost overslept for my induction. I had set my alarms, but we forgot to turn the volume up — we didn’t hear anything. Thankfully I woke up at 6:15am and had just enough to time to cram some clothes on, put my hair up and grab everything I needed. My mom and Addie would later be joining us at the hospital, along with my best friend. We ended up making it there on time. The morning had just started off a little rough, which of course made me more uptight. Thankfully, the nurses and staff were all super friendly and made everything that much easier. We got checked in and settled into our room by 7:45am. Things were becoming more and more real.

An hour later, Dr. Saunders came in to check me and I was 4cm dilated. That’s when she broke my water. Contractions weren’t bad at all at this point, like I could barely feel them, but breaking my water slowly got them going. They were about 2-3 minutes apart. At around 10am, she came in again and started Pitocin. That’s when things really started progressing. My Mom, Addison and my best friend, Kayla, also arrived at this point. It felt great having them there. Kayla was snapping pictures right and left and Addison was just in awe of everything happening around her. You could tell she was nervous, but wouldn’t admit it to save her little life. This labor moved quicker than any I’ve ever experienced. At this point, I was allowed to get my Epidural at any time, but me being me I wanted to hold off for as long as possible. At 12:25pm, she came back in and checked me again, I was at 7cm and decided to go ahead and get the Epidural. The Anesthesiologist came in within 10 minutes and got everything going. Kayla had to run home around this time because her sweet little needed to be fed and doesn’t take a bottle to well, but was very eager to get back quickly so she could also be there for the birth. By 12:45pm, it was working well. Dr. Saunders suggested a peanut ball to hopefully get me to 10 a little quicker, but instead Baby E wasn’t liking it too well and her heart rate was beginning to drop. So after 10 minutes, they took it away. Well, I began to feel lots of pressure, so I had Jordan go get the nurses. They came running in and checked me, to their surprise, I was finally a 10! They immediately called Dr. Saunders and she was there within just a few minutes. It took me about 4 really good pushes and little Everlee Jane made her appearance into the world at 1:21pm!! She had lots of dark hair and weighed 6lbs 9.6oz and was 18 inches long. She was so perfect and latched immediately after they placed her on my chest for skin to skin. Thankfully, I didn’t rip, tear or have to have any stitches. I was so so thankful.

Other than Jordan, Addison and my Mom were able to be in the room the whole time. Addison got to witness her littlest sister being born. It was honestly a magical moment. So many emotions in the room. My first daughter and our last daughter together and her being there just made my heart swell with so much joy! We decided not to have any hospital visitors this time, so Carson and Norah got to meet their new sibling the very next day when we were able to go home. Again, they were so in love! God had blessed us greatly.

Our first night in the hospital wasn’t too bad. Everlee kept breastfeeding like a champ and was honestly the best little baby. She did, however, keep having issues regulating her body temperature, so we had to keep her swaddled tight and the majority of the time was inside my gown. Lol! I was able to get up after my Epidural wore off and took a shower by 9pm. My IV was also able to be removed quickly after also. Which absolutely thrilled me! I didn’t have any major bleeding and honestly, it was one of the easiest labors|births. The after cramps weren’t near as bad either, which definitely surprised me with breastfeeding. Motrin was able to manage my pain while in the hospital, if that says anything. Everlee passed all of her newborn screenings and hearing test and we were discharged around 3:30pm on Wednesday, March 13th. I was so happy to come home so I could relax! Everyone knows how hard it is to rest while in the hospital.. Haha


Two days after being discharged from the hospital, Everlee had her first Pediatrician appointment. Everything seemed so great. She hadn’t lost hardly any weight from birth, she weighed 6lbs 2oz and was 18.25 inches long. But then, my heart was shattered. The doctor said that Everlee had a slight heart murmur and he wanted her to be seen by the Pediatric Cardiologist at the local Children’s Hospital. He made us an appointment for that same day.

Once we arrived at Children’s, they performed an Echocardiogram on Baby E. She wasn’t a huge fan of it! Ha. The Pediatric Cardiologist diagnosed her with VSD {Ventricular Septal Defect}, which is a heart defect due to an abnormal connection between the lower chambers of the heart {ventricles}. He explained that these murmurs usually stay the same size or close up on their own and very rarely do they grow larger, BUT if it does get any bigger or begin to cause her problems {signs of heart failure} then surgery would be required. However, he doesn’t think she will need it, but again we never know.  She has a recheck in 6 weeks and we are PRAYING that this heals up or shows signs of improvement. My heart has been in absolute knots ever since. I just pray that our good Lord will heal our baby girl. If you are reading this and believe in the power of prayer, please pray for our sweet girl.


So far though, she’s almost 10 days old and everything has been going well. She sleeps through the night, she absolutely loves her DockaTot, but Jordan and I have decided that she definitely needs a MamaRoo! So we are buying one within the next few weeks. That’s one item that we didn’t buy, that I wish we would’ve. All of our other kids have loved it and for some reason we just didn’t feel it was needed this time, but we were wrong! Haha! She’s been exclusively breastfeeding on demand and I have been causally pumping when needed, however, little miss Norah has been drinking every bit of breast milk that I have pumped, that I haven’t put in the freezer! Lol! It surprised me how much she liked it! Makes me wish that I would’ve breastfed her longer, but at least she’s getting it now, too! 

This time the recovery process has been so weird and different than any other time! Normally, I will bleed for weeks. This time I literally bled enough for a regular period, but only for three days! Then stopped bleeding totally for five days. Crazy, right? Well, yesterday I started bleeding really bad — like to the point of soaking through two pads within 20 minutes. Very scary! Thankfully it got under control and hasn’t been too bad since. Still bleeding heavier, but lighter than yesterday. It’s taken a lot of my energy, I feel so darn weak! But hoping it gets better with time. The pains haven’t been awful, but a lot more random and sharp than ever before as well. They really hit me earlier today, which caught me off guard. I have to remind myself that I just gave birth ten days ago and not to overdo it. Again, that’s really hard with four kids! Ha! Here’s to hoping the recovery stays easy and I will update again as soon as possible. 


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