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As I sit here with the worst pregnancy heartburn + insomnia, I figured I’d answer some of the most common questions I’ve been asked lately on IG. One year ago, I never received any DM’s on Instagram or really any feedback from anyone about my blog or my social media sites. Now, I’m officially getting to where I want to be (still lots more to go), but I’m getting there. This blog is getting there.

So, here’s the questions that I have received lately. I hope you guys see these and respond. I’d love to know what you all think. —

Have you always blogged under the name “The Youthful Momma?”

For some of my early subscribers, like 5 years ago, I was known and blogged under the name ‘One More To Adore.’ It all started when I had my second born, my son. While I was pregnant with him, I knew I wanted to document everything I could since I didn’t do anything like that with my first. So being pregnant with him inspired the name. Later on, I realized the mistake that many bloggers make — and the name was no longer fitting. I thought about blogging under my actual name, so I did. That’s when ‘Sincerely, Tracey’ came about. I blogger under that name for years. I tried so hard to brand that name, then later realized it was taken on so many social media platforms. In mid-late 2018, I knew I wanted to take my blog to the next-level. And I knew I couldn’t where it was at. SO with careful consideration and lots of thought — that is when ‘The Youthful Momma’ was born. I actually got to meet and chat with a real life experienced “mom blogger” and she helped me come up with the name. I instantly loved it. It fit so well. It fit the blogging style I wanted and didn’t really close any doors, because I would always be a momma and while I might not always been “youthful” — I was always the youthful momma. 

How old are you?

I am 23, I will be 24 on May 1st. My age is something I don’t particularly share a lot, but I have many times because I’ve learned that there will always be that one person who makes a comment or gives me ‘that look’ on how many children I have at my age. And my age doesn’t define the mother I am to my children or how much I love my children. This just means I simply get to love on them for a little bit longer. <3 

How long have you and your hubby been together? 

I tell a lot about Jordan and I in the “Our Story” page here on my blog. But to make it short, we will have been together 7 years this year — on May 14th to be exact. Jordan and I met before I had my firstborn and were later reunited after the harsh breakup between Addison’s bio father and I. 

• Is Addison not Jordan’s child? I’ve noticed on your page and blog sometimes you say that you and Jordan have 3 kids together.

No, Jordan is not Addison’s biological dad. Her dad and I had her at the young age of 16 and unfortunately like many other super young parents, the relationship did not work out. I had known Jordan since I was 13 and we later started dating around my 17th birthday. He has been in Addison’s life since she was about 6 or so months old, so they do have a special relationship, which I am so thankful for. He treats her as if she were his own child and that alone is more than enough for me. She does go visit her dad every other week now, as we recently made the decision to have joint custody. She has siblings on both sides, so we hoped to give her the best of both worlds. It is hard, but it is the best for her. 

Is it hard being a mom of three kids? Especially with the age gaps and being pregnant?

Being a momma of three definitely opened my eyes and made me change a lot of the ways I used to do things. And I’m not going to lie, on some days - it is hard. Being pregnant on top of it all has definitely been harder. Addison and Carson are 2 years and 9 months apart in age, Carson and Norah are 3 years and 6 months apart in age and Norah and Everlee will be exactly 18 months apart. Never having had a child so young and still so dependent while being pregnant has been a lot more difficult, mostly because Norah is still a baby and needs her momma too. She still enjoys being rocked to sleep on some nights and let me tell ya, with a big ole belly — that shit is hard. But we manage and I am so blessed to have these kiddos. Addie and Carson are such huge helps too. They love helping momma with Norah and are so excited to be able to help with the new baby as well. 

• Where did you come up with Everlee’s name? Is it a family name and why did you change the uspelling?

As most of you might know, I am a fan of different names. Addison’s name being the most common. However, back in 2011, it wasn’t as common. With Norah’s name, I added the “H” to be different because Kate is a very common middle name. I had to throw something different in there! Now, with Everlee’s name— I seen the name Everly and Everleigh. For some reason I hated them both, but I really loved the name. I hated the “Y” ending and the “Leigh” on the second. So I came up with Everlee. Apparently it’s not too rare according to Instagram’s hashtag search LOL! And Jane was something I tossed in because all 3 of my girls have one syllable middle names, like me. {Brooke, Kate and Lynn (that’s mine)}


Well, I am done for now. I hope everyone sees my responses to their questions and hope that {maybe} we can soon get a Q+A thing going where y’all can ask me more stuff and get to know our little family even more! I love answering questions and letting y’all know more about me. If you have a question, please message me on Instagram|Facebook or comment below!



{I haven’t posted this on social media, yet, so I figured I’d share this little latest gem of my trio!}

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