To Each Their Own

So, one of the hottest topics lately, the “Measles” outbreak, has became quite the conversation. It’s literally everywhere. I get on Facebook, I watch the six o’clock news and that is all I see. I called my grandma and heck, that is all she talked about. While it is scary, really more alarming than anything, it’s not as horrific as it once was. I think a lot of people just hear “the Measles” and immediately think back to the outbreaks from a very long time ago. Sadly, back then a lot of people only died because they did not have access to what we have today. Medicine has came a very long way since then and I pray daily that my children aren’t affected by this. 

All of my children, excluding my middle and youngest child, have been fully vaccinated and have, in fact, received the Measles, Mumps & Rubella (MMR) vaccinations. My middle, Norah, has been vaccinated for this particular disease, but is not fully vaccinated due to medical reasons; she has received most of the vaccinations for the important things. I have chosen to put Norah on a delayed vaccination schedule due to her having a horrific reaction to her 2 month shots. She is still getting them, we just give them slower and more spaced apart than the normal schedule. According to the CDC, as long as she gets them before 3 years of age, it’s still good. That is all that matters to us. 

Nothing is more scary than watching your child have a reaction to something that cannot be stopped or undone. As told by doctors, it would just have to “run it’s course” and that alone is terrifying enough. There are truly no words to describe the way I felt. With that being said, our pediatrician once said that he would much rather have Norah on a delayed schedule or possibly even try to have an exemption (if we ever needed), because medicine has came a long way and it would be a lot less scary to catch something and cure it, rather than to have another reaction to another vaccination that could do more damage than one of the viruses/ diseases the shots are made for.

Now, I have chosen, once again to vaccinate our newest addition, Everlee, and I am praying so hard that she does not ever have a reaction like her sister. I am officially scarred for life because of that and it gave me a whole new outlook on the way I do for my children. But more so, just to be more careful and know what to look for in reactions to vaccines. Thankfully, they have the same pediatrician and he is also working with me on not having any combination vaccines given, since we think that was probably more of the reason behind Norah’s reaction. 

Before this, I never understood why some people chose not to vaccinate their children or have a delayed schedule. I was taught it was the right thing to do, the way you were supposed to do. I was vaccinated as a child, and so was my brother. It was just normal, a part of our childhood. Then that happened to my sweet girl, my rainbow baby. She was the child I prayed so hard for, wanted so badly and I felt like she was punished for my decisions. I know now that it was not my fault, or anyones fault. It was the combination of the shots given in a single dose. Since then, she has received some of the same vaccinations and we have not had another reaction. They were given separately and weeks apart from the other. It was really just a freak thing and I never expected it. 

Now, here we are in 2019, a Measles outbreak is partaking in our small county in East Tennessee and I have a newborn and a toddler that has either not been vaccinated for this disease or not fully vaccinated for it. Am I scared? Yes and no. Am I doing anything to try and prevent it? I try to make sure that we wash our hands frequently when we are out and when we come home, we change our clothes (depending on interaction) and wash them. We also try to avoid unnecessary trips out, unless we have to, like for a doctors visit. I also try to wear Everlee when we are out because less people are likely to try and see or touch her if she’s on me versus being in her infant seat. 

I feel that I am taking the necessary precautions, but you can never be too safe. We really don’t leave the house much anyways, but if we do those are the two main things I make sure to do now. Having a newborn within this outbreak scares me, but I just pray. Really, praying is what I do most of these days. He never fails me and I know He is protecting my children, just as myself from this. 

Every momma has their own way of protecting their children and I do respect that as a momma myself, but I will not tolerate being frowned upon for doing something for the better health of my child. It was not a choice, but I do strongly believe in being fully vaccinated. People nowadays judge before they think, we all do, but until you’ve been there (I pray that none of you ever are), then you can’t really understand my point of view. I went back and forth on even beginning to vaccinate Everlee, but after really thinking about it and weighing out the pros | cons and honestly, the odds of her even having a reaction are slim, it was the better choice for us to continue vaccinating. 


I have decided to squeeze a few more posts on this particular topic. Be sure to follow along and watch out for more! I will be trying to post at least once a week about this for a few weeks. If you have any tips or advice about this craziness, or questions, please feel free to comment below! I love hearing from you all! 


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