Finding Joy in the Journey: How to Find Joy in the Everyday Life as a Stay at Home Mom

Motherhood is overwhelming, chaotic and wild. It truly takes a village. And with that being said, I’d like to help form a little community here, for all of our mommas, so we can join each other on this journey in life together. 


For the first ever Featured Guest, I am welcoming Kim from 

A little intro: Hi, I am Kim! I am a stay at home homeschooling mom of two boys. Our days are filled with learning and exploring, with a side of a little chaos. Raising and schooling two rambunctious boys so close in age isn’t for the faint of heart but it is a wonderful ride. I am married to my high school sweetheart and we are going on 11 years of being together. We live in the Dallas, Texas area. I recently began sharing the journey and stories of my stay at home and homeschooling life over on my blog This Love Filled Life. I love connecting with other mamas and sharing this motherhood journey together!!



Finding Joy in the Journey: How to find joy in the everyday life as a stay at home mom


I once saw a quote on one of those EE cards that said “You know you’re a stay at home mom when the most exciting part of your day is seeing the bottom of the laundry basket”.


I laughed instantly because of how relatable it was, but also sighed at the realization that THAT has become the joy in my life. Shouldn’t there be a little more joy in my life? But wait.. I am a stay at home mom so how can there be that much joy in all the errands and cleaning to be done and the constant need for something from me.


There is this notion out there that being a stay at home mom is for the luxurious or for the lazy moms. You either have the stay at home lifestyle where once you send the kids off for school or have a babysitter come- you go out to brunch and shopping with your friends. You may even have time to stop by and enjoy some alone time at the gym or better yet the spa.You have the time and freedom from work to go get your hair or nails done. OR you are a stay at home mom who stays in her pajamas all day, cleans up once and have the rest of the day to lounge and watch tv, binge eat or read a good book. 


All moms who really are stay at home moms know..neither are true. Who can afford to pay for a babysitter, brunch, shopping, a gym membership, spa time, nails appointment or hair appointment on a one income salary? Then the moms who are able to stay home and can create a second income definitely know there is not enough time in the day to do the stay at home mom duties, work from home and have the time to run around all day.


Being a stay at home mom is neither about having the freedom from work to run around all day or sit at home and be lazy all day. Whether you are a stay at home mom who stays home and homeschools like I do, or you send your kids to school, or you work from home, or work outside of the home part time… being a stay at home mom is tough work. 


You can easily become overwhelmed in it all and lose yourself, lose your joy. You wake up giving yourself to everyone and everything everyday. You give yourself to your spouse, you give yourself to your kids, you give yourself to the endless duties of running a household, you give yourself to the endless errands to run, you give yourself to your work. Oh, and let us not forget those pets if you have any. When is there time to give to yourself? How and where do you find the joy in all the chaos?


In your heart.


It is kind of simple, yet kind of complicated. This life we have been given is a journey, with ever changing seasons of life. The season we are in now, as stay at home moms, is a season of sacrifice and self giving- yet there is still joy in it all. We just have to keep our hearts focused on it.


Follow me for a second… think of all the housework you do in a week. What feelings about having to do all of those tasks and chores come to mind? Overwhelmed? Tired? Frustration? Annoyed? What about joy?


I doubt joy was the thought that most, if not all, first thought of. If it was, you probably don’t even need this post!


But what if I told you it could be joy and maybe that it even should be joy?


Now what if I asked you what do you consider some of your biggest blessings? I assume most would say your family - your children, your spouse. Maybe your home, your safety. These wonderful blessings we have been given are why things such as housework should be thought of as something joyous.


It is easy to be grumbled and annoyed with all the housework and endless errands and duties that comes with being a stay at home mom. But, when we change our hearts and remember all these blessings God has given us, is the reason we have all of these tasks to do. We have beautiful children we are blessed with that we get to teach, nurture, watch grow, and care for. We have a spouse that cares for us and if you are like me, provides for our family. We have a place to call home that keeps us safe and filled with more than we need. All things that should bring joy.


So if we change our hearts to remember that we are all so blessed to have this opportunity and life- we can find and feel more joy in it.


It is also a decision. A decision to wake up every day and find that joy. 


A while back, I did a 5-day Bible Devotional on my Bible app called “No More Unglued Mama Mornings” by Lysa Terkeurst. Those 5 days gave me so much insight and encouragement on finding joy as a stay at home mom.


Lysa gives great advice to wake up each morning and not let others attitudes become our own. Harder said than done most days- especially if you are not a morning person like me. The goal is to not let your child’s grumpiness become your grumpiness. You cannot control the attitudes your children wake up with. You can control yours. She also shares the advice to look for the joy each morning. Have your hearts open and ready to find the simple small joys in each morning to set your day off right.


Maybe that simple joy is watching your little babe sleeping or your two children making each other laugh over some silly joke over breakfast. Maybe your toddler’s lively attitude makes you giggle. Maybe you find a sweet drawing in your children’s school book as you pack them up for the day. It is about having the right heart and attitude to find the joy in everyday. It is a decision to look for it.



We have been immensely blessed with being able to care and nurture these children, these marriages, these homes. It can be overwhelming, but it can also be joyous. It is also a season of life that doesn’t last forever. You will blink and will have grown children out of the house, with a clean house begging to be dirtied. You will have no more school errands, extra curricular activities to keep up with, and you will be left with the memories. 


Yes we are in the thick of it, but it is something so joyous to be a part of. 


I hope you keep your heart open to finding the joy in every day and remember what a blessing this life can be, if we chose to let that be our focus in our hearts.




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