Our Story

It all went down like this..
Jordan and I met in the summer of 2009 at Melton Hill Lake. We met through our parents, they introduced us and it was magical, like love at first site.
We were so young. We celebrated our first holiday together, the Fourth of July, and that's when Jordan asked me out for the first time. We started dating soon after. And dated for about a month and half and broke up. My heart was shattered. 
Fast forward to 2010 – About a year later and I started dating again. I got pregnant three months into my next relationship, I was still very young, but I was in love. So the pregnancy went on and in June 2011 I gave birth to my daughter, Addison. My relationship with her father started getting rocky. I was homeschooled and had a newborn, he went to public school and had football. He was young and dumb. Shortly after, we broke up. We had been together for a year, but it just wasn't meant to be. We were too young. I was depressed, heartbroken and my life felt like it was falling apart, but I had Addie and she made me learn what true love really was. 
Early 2012 - Jordan contacted me via social media. We talked for awhile and then eventually exchanged phone numbers. We talked day and night and texted more than anyone could imagine. After nearly two years of not talking, I was nervous to see him again. I was smitten while also getting that feeling of butterflies in my stomach. We decided since I had now had a child, that he would come over to my house. He arrived and I knew right after that night this time was different. We were older and I had a child, but we didn't care. I love him and he loved me. We fell in love all over again. 
After many weekends of seeing each other and talking every chance we got, almost 4 months later on May 14, 2012 – we officially started dating again. I was so content and felt so safe for once in my life. I was on cloud nine. Over the summer of 2012, Jordan moved in with us. 
In the years following, a lot went down… 
I ended up going back to school and eventually got a job. Jordan worked as well. We continued to live with my parents and work to save up money to move. Well shortly after our ONE year anniversary and Addison's 2nd birthday, I found out I was pregnant. Baby #2 is on the way! I ended up quitting my job a few months before our baby was due. 
On March 3, 2014, Carson was born and we were over the moon happy with our family. Shortly after, we moved into our first home and here we are. We are still in our home and we have never been happier. God blessed us and saved us a lot with this place. 

Fast forward to 2016, I miscarried two times over the summer of 2016. Once in June and once in September, with due dates of February 2017 and April 2017. I for sure thought that I would never have anymore kids, even as bad I wanted at least one more. I became depressed and just came to the conclusion that God only anticipated two children for me. 

Well, fast forward to January 2017. GUESS WHAT? I missed my period without even realizing it and ended up taking a test late January. I was 110% pregnant. That test has never been darker. Our Rainbow had finally came. Gods timing might not have been my timing, but it was amazing. And I was over the moon. Little Miss Norah Kate came into this world on September 26th, 2017 weighing 6lbs 2oz. She was perfect. 

 Jordan and I have been through just about everything together. From being kids to having kids to going through one of life’s rough patches and somehow, we have made it. And I love him more and more each day. We love our kids and most importantly we love each other. I thank God everyday for blessing us so much. We have the cutest and coolest kids ever. They are so sweet, giggly, cuddly and all around the best little humans. And I can’t wait to see what BABY #4 will look like. We have so many mixes of us it’s insane. This will be the dealbreaker LOL. 
Now it's been almost 7 years and that is our story and I could make it longer and more detailed, but it would take me forever. I'm so thankful Jordan came back into my life. He saved me from a bad point in my life and I love him so much. For those of you who think true love doesn't exist, this right here is proof. At age 13, after he broke my heart, I never thought he'd come back. But true love waits. And he sure did.