Addison Brooke

So, it’s taken me long enough to fully get this blog detailed and share personal experiences with you, but I know most of us ladies loves reading and hearing birth stories. So I figured why not share mine? I have three of them, soon I will have four of them to tell and they are all so different. My goal this year is to build a better relationship with my readers on a personal level and I figured what a better way to do so! 

It all started with my first child, Addison. 

On Tuesday, June 7th, 2011, I went in for what I thought was a normal routine appointment to check up on our little miss and possibly see how much she had grown. Well, after waiting to get called back, I finally did. I went back for an ultrasound, they were trying to get more of an idea on how much she would weigh. I had just had one two weeks prior to this. Well, the ultrasound went fine {I assumed} and I went to my room where I would wait to see the practitioner I had been seeing the last few weeks. A few moments later, I heard a knock on the door and Dr. Hayes walked in, my OB, the one who would be delivering Addie. She didn’t try and sugar coat anything, she just bluntly told me that I would be getting induced this coming Thursday, June 9th at 8PM. Of course I’m sitting there on the table probably white as a ghost, I didn’t bring anyone with me this time — so I was just trying to take everything she just said in. All I could manage to get out was, “Is everything okay? Is something wrong? I’m not due for another few weeks.” {June 26th was my original due date} So, she proceeded to tell me that over the last two weeks, after comparing the ultrasounds, Addison was not growing as rapidly as she should be. In fact, she said she had not gained even an ounce and was in fact casually losing weight. The estimated weight for Addie was around 3.5-4lbs. That’s when I officially freaked out, started crying and immediately started texting my mom who was out in the parking lot waiting on me. She ended up meeting me on my way out, got me in the car and calmed down. Then we called all of our close family and friends and asked them to please pray for Baby Addie. I was a wreck. I was only sixteen and had no idea what to expect with a newborn, as I had never been around many babies, let alone a preemie. 

Once we got home, calmed down and relaxed, my mom began to help me finish up my room that I was going to be sharing with Addison. At this point, all we had finished was the crib, changing table and dresser. Nothing was taken out of the gift bags, clothes hadn’t been washed and nothing had really even been opened or put together. We spent the rest of the day washing baby clothes and hanging them up, putting her little socks and gowns in the dresser, organizing all of the little bows that were bought for her and putting together the pack and play, swing, getting the car seat ready, putting the crib bedding on etc. By midnight, we had everything where it needed to be. The sterilizer for the bottles was opened and put on the counter, the bottles were washed and everything was finally ready for a baby. 

The next day, the day before my induction, my uncle came over and insisted that we take some kind of maternity photos since I obviously didn’t have time to hire a photographer or schedule any. So we did just that. In the June heat, there I was, all dressed up and in the middle of a field getting my maternity pictures taken. I was such a hot mess. However, looking back, I am so thankful I have those to cherish forever. Later that evening, my mom had planned a secret surprise sleepover with all of my close friends and family and even had all of my favorite homemade foods cooked and ready for me. It was the best, exactly what I needed to get my mind off things and have fun for a night. We watched some of my favorite movies, ate so much yummy food and stayed up so darn late. That’s how I spent my last night as a teenager before becoming a mom. 

I ended up sleeping in the next morning. I think I woke up around noon or so. It was June 9th. The day had came and I was a nervous wreck. I couldn’t even really eat knowing that I had T minus 8 hours until I had to be at the hospital. I was honestly terrified to be induced and not even knowing what was to come. Would I bring my baby home with me? Would she be okay? How small is 4lbs? All of those thoughts constantly lingered my mind, but I tried so hard to hide it. Thankfully my mom, grandma and uncle kept me laughing for the majority of the day which helped keep my mind busy. We packed for the hospital and after that, I took a few minutes by myself to write a letter to my unborn daughter, Addison. I wanted to let her know how loved she was and exactly how it felt to be pregnant with her. I put the letter in her baby book {it’s still there} and I figured one day, when the time was right, I would let her read it. Sometimes I’ll go back and read it and it makes me so emotional knowing it came from my sixteen year old self and how much I have endured the last 7, almost 8 years. 

Now, let’s fast forward to the good part — the induction. We arrived at the hospital at 7:45PM. The induction was scheduled to start at 8PM. I had pre-registered for the hospital, so I didn’t have much to do, other than sign a few papers and get my bracelet and gown on. It seems like the longest part was waiting for them to initially start my IV with the Pitocin. Once the IV was in place and the medicine was in, it was all just a waiting game from here on out. 

At midnight, exactly 4 hours in, the nurse came in to check me and I still hadn’t even attempted to dilate or efface any. Shortly after, the doctor came in and inserted a pill behind my cervix to help dilation. Our goal at this point was to see some change by morning. I ended up sleeping the whole night and woke up around 8AM to nurses constantly coming in to up the dosage on the Pitocin, check my cervix etc. I was finally have some contractions. They were very light though, I don’t really remember them. I ended up falling back asleep shortly after. 

Around 11AM, I was woke up to the Anesthesiologist asking me if I wanted an Epidural. I was like, “of course! It’s my first child.” I was a nervous wreck. At this point, I was dilating at a decent rate and contractions were a lot more regular. After the Epidural was placed, I was feeling a lot better and really not feeling much of anything. Not even the slight period-like cramps I felt before. Nothing. It was great. So I asked my mom to get in my suitcase and hand me my hair straightener, she was like “are you kidding me?” LOL! So there I sat, in the hospital bed straightening my hair and fixing my face up just a tad. Nothing too major, just some light foundation and powder. I wanted so desperately to ‘feel good’ and that was my way. While I was in the middle of this, the nurse comes in because she’s ready to break my water. Again, there I sat in the hospital bed straightening my hair and putting on makeup AS she broke my water! Like, looking back, I’m not even this brave now! I could careless now. Four kids in — and I don’t give a s*** how I look during labor. Haha! 

Anyways, after my water broke, things really started to progress. I was ready to deliver this baby. I honestly don’t ever remember feeling any better during labor. Out of all three of my children, Addison’s birth + labor was the best and easiest experience. 

Okay — so I ended up falling asleep. YES, AGAIN. This day was and is still a bit blurry for me because I remember sleeping a lot! I woke up around 3 o’clock and telling my momma that I had to use the restroom. And she was like, “Okay Honey, you have a catheter in. You shouldn’t have to use the bathroom.” And I was like, NO mom I have to use it and I can’t hold it. I HAVE TO DO #2. I literally yelled it. And her response was priceless, she was like, “Oh shit! DO NOT MOVE. I am going to get the nurse!” So she literally ran out of that hospital room like a bat out of you know where! The nurse comes running in, checks me and said, “Oh yes Miss Tracey, you are fully at a 10 now and ready to start pushing. Let me get your doctor.” So a few minutes pass by and Dr. Hayes, my OB, comes in and starts getting all dressed up and ready. In the meantime, there’s a little family issue so — I ended up having more people than intended in the delivery room. It was my mom, Addie’s dad, his mom and my good friend at the time. It was nice, but hectic at the same time. Okay, so back to the good part, they began to break down the bed. Once it was ready, I was ready, it was TIME! I pushed 4-5 really good times and it was all over. Addison was born. All I remember from this point on, was the doctor telling me what a great ‘pusher’ I was and crying so hard because this little, screaming girl was the most beautiful baby I had ever laid eyes on! And I loved her instantly. 

Addison Brooke was born on June 10th, 2011 weighing 5lbs 14oz and was 19 inches long. She had the lightest brown hair I had ever seen, it was almost blonde. She was absolutely perfect and a lot bigger than what we had all expected. Even the doctor was a little shocked. The prayers had totally worked. She was literally the definition of perfection. She latched almost immediately and instantly stopped crying once I cradled her inside of my gown. At this point, I knew what a mother’s love + touch was. It was purely magical. 

After that, the rest is history. Nah, just kidding! I delivered my placenta and I do remember my friend asking them to hold it up so she could see it, it was the craziest looking thing. It looked like a plastic shopping bag, you could nearly see through it. I didn’t tear or rip at all, so I was very thankful. I did get scratched a little internally from where they had placed a “lead” in Addison’s soft spot to get a continuous heart beat during labor. That required a few stitches, but nothing major. After my Epidural wore off, I was able to take a shower and relax in the nice jacuzzi tub that was inside of my hospital room. It was nice. I’ve never felt more like a million bucks as I did after that bath. I got out of the shower to my family welcoming me with tons of flowers and small baby gifts and also, my grandma who had brought me my favorite food — Long John Silvers fish and hush puppies. I was in Heaven because I was starving! She was the best. 

After all of the chaos and visitors, everyone left. The first night without my momma and a new baby was a lot harder and more stressful than I thought, but at the same time it was a new experience and it was nice, too. I was so in love with this sweet, tiny girl. She was perfect and I knew right then she would always love me unconditionally. God had blessed me greatly that day. From an awesome support system to a great, uneventful labor + delivery to being a momma to the most precious bundle of joy, ever. Addison Brooke had forever changed me. And I’m so lucky that God chose me to be her momma. 

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